KUWTK: Kim Kardashian and Jeffree Star – Twinning?

Kim Kardashian debuted a new look on her social media and it’s causing fans to lose it. Kim did herself no favors by bleaching her eyebrows. We all know that Kim’s natural color is a very, very dark brown. However, Kim decided to bleach her eyebrows an almost translucent blonde color, a look that got some fans doing a double-take. Most of them were saying that Kim now resembled youtuber Jeffree Star… and they’re not wrong!

If Jeffree was still serving the blonde Karen look that he had back a couple of years ago (oh come on we all know the one we’re mentioning here, it was serving Karen at Starbucks realness), then they would be twinning.

Kim K and Jeffree Star – twinning?

And either Kim was blissfully unaware that this look ever happened, or just doesn’t follow Jeffree Star, because she topped this look off with a blonde wig! And the fans lost it. One tweeted, “She’s copying Jeffree Star’s look to win back Kanye… too soon?” I mean, I laughed. 

However this was just for a photoshoot and Kim already posted on her instagram saying that she had gone back to her natural color. “I’m back to dark already, don’t worry.” seriously folks, we can all breathe a little easier knowing that Kim Kardashian isn’t auditioning for a role in the Jeffree Star biopic.

Though one has to wonder just what on earth was that photoshoot for and why they would ask that she look like that. Even if Kim has never heard of Jeffree (doubtful, since he had beef with her little sister Kylie Jenner when she first launched her lip kits), you can guarantee that someone on the photoshoot had heard of Jeffree so I’m wondering why a stylist didn’t try to talk her out of that look.

Then again, it’s a Kardashian and money talks. Maybe she shouted down the stylist and was a complete diva about stuff or maybe she wanted to take a stab at looking like Jeffree Star, who knows? But you would thinkt hat someone on the shoot would have told her that that look doesn’t work for her… or maybe she just encountered a stylist that wanted her to fail. Who knows? Stay tuned!!!

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