Ethan Suplee Celebrates Not Being Obese Anymore On The Joe Rogan Experience

You probably remember Ethan Suplee as the big guy in Disney’s ‘Remember the Titans’, ‘Boy Meets World’ or ‘My Name is Earl’. Though if you haven’t followed him in the last few years, you probably wouldn’t recognize him. That’s because he’s lost a significant amount of weight!

Suplee looks fantastic and has been spreading his experiences with weightloss all around. It’s an inspiring journey and just 5 weeks ago, Joe Rogan spoke about him on the podcast with Nate Bargatze. Now, Suplee gets to go on himself and they spoke about Suplee’s diet, weightloss and workouts.

“Had the honor of sitting down with one of the most interesting AND interested people I’ve had the pleasure of listening to for years, @joerogan.”

Ethan Suplee Celebrates Not Being Obese Anymore On The Joe Rogan Experience

In the conversation above, Suplee spoke a lot on moderation and the detrimate that hardcore diets can have on people, their metabolisms and how it can break their spirit when they realize that the hardcore diets can ruin their weightloss journey.

For once in his life, Suplee began thinking about his future and what he wants out of life. He met the love of his life and had a bunch of kids and wanted to be able to keep up with them. It wasn’t an easy journey, and he speaks about how and why many people drop out of diets. He highlighted the importance of moderation and nothing is off limits.

The full episode was a treat but even just the clip above can show you how important the weight loss was for Suplee and what he wants others to know about it.

Viewers commented on the clip, “The part about moderation is spot on.”, “Ethan was one of my big motivators to help me lose the weight. I was 260+lbs for most of my life now sitting just under 200 and I feel like a completely different human being”, “I’d love to see Ethan in a serious acting role again.” and “The transformation this guy made is incredible”.

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