Joe Rogan & Jim Breuer On The Power Of Love And Music – How One Man May Have Reversed Brain Damage Through Metallica

Going back to Joe Rogan and Jim Breuer‘s recent podcast episode on Friday, they got into another amazing topic where Breuer described touring with Metallica and something amazing he witnessed.

While on tour, he met a couple, Pete and Sarah. Pete was a veteran who had served in Iraq and after coming back sustained permanent brain damage in a motorcycle accident. Doctors kept doing tests but came to the conclusion that it was permanent and not going to heal.

Pete was being checked up on every six weeks and the news was always the same. However, he heard Metallica was touring, and Sarah came home one day to see him trying to get up. She asked him what he wanted, and he had one thing to say, “I want to see Metallica”.

“The power of love and music

The great and powerful @jimbreuer_official explains some magic he witnessed on tour with Metallica.
Full episode available now on @spotifypodcasts”

Watch the clip here.

Joe Rogan & Jim Breuer On The Power Of Love And Music – How One Man May Have Reversed Brain Damage Through Metallica

After the first concert and seeing how happy Pete was, Sarah bought more tickets, and they continued to follow Metallica around. By the end of the tour, the doctors, for the first time ever, said his brain is starting to heal! They truly believed it was from going to all these concerts.

Breuer explained that it may not be the music, but the sense of community and the life that these groups and shows brought.

Actress Juliette Lewis commented on the clip, “This is so beautiful. And I fully believe it. One of the most powerful memories with me Dad shortly before he passed was listening to Van Halen. He had Parkinson’s and dementia we were driving, him in the passenger seat, the song was Jump. My dad’s face lit up, And we talked about the drums. He was transported no sickness, no dementia, no age, no time and space. Just pure love/joy/contentment/music”, speaking about her father Geoffrey Lewis.

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