Britney Spears Wants Her Father Jamie Spears Out Of Her Life

It doesn’t look like Britney Spears will be sending her pops any Father’s Day cards in the mail this year. That’s because there’s a new report that says the chart topper will ask the court to remove her father from her conservatorship.

As many fans already know, Britney Spears’ conservatorship is split into two parts – one is for her estate and financial affairs, the other is for her as a person. Under this legal agreement, the singer has not controlled her finances since 2008.

Britney Spears Wants Her Father Jamie Spears Out Of Her Life

“Britney’s primary focus is having Jamie removed from the case,” a source close to the situation tells Page Six. “She feels that ending the conservatorship entirely can always be discussed down the road, but right now the issue is Jamie.”

Apparently, Britney wants her father removed so she can finally have her life back.

“She relishes in simple pleasures like driving her car and going on vacation,” the source says. “Sure, she is able to do as she pleases within her own home — to an extent — but whenever she wants to step foot outside, it immediately has to become a bigger conversation because security guards and lawyers and other people all need to get involved.”

Britney has previously made her feelings about the court-ordered conservatorship known through her lawyer Samuel Ingham, including last year, when he said she was scared of her father and would not perform again while he controlled her life.

Britney has been making headlines in recent months because of her conservatorship ever since the documentary Framing Britney Spears put a spotlight on the matter.

The doc has given a voice to Britney’s fans, most who have raised questions about whether the court’s orders have been in her best interests.

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