’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Will Tiffany and Ronald’s marriage survive?

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers finds that Tiffany Franco Smith feels like hubby Ronald Smith is emotionally and financially unsupportive. He was deemed ineligible for the K-1 Visa, so Tiffany packed up her son and moved to South Africa so she could marry Ronald and be his wife. However, problems arose when it came to giving birth in South Africa.

They showed her what looked like half-bed in the hospital and said that that was where she was expected to give birth, and that there was not a guarantee that she would have a bed at the hospital, but that they would make sure that she didn’t give birth on the floor.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Will Tiffany and Ronald’s marriage survive?

That was when Tiffany decided that she didn’t want to risk those conditions and come back to the US so that she could give birth in a hospital where she knew she was guaranteed to get a bed. No one can blame her, I’m sure we all cringed a bit when the doctor said that they were subject to overcrowding. Yike!

So Tiffany came back to the states where she delivered her daughter, Carly (the cutest thing you will ever see, she was trying to help Mama do a blush tutorial but was too young to know how the stuff worked. Oh well, none of us are born experts!), but she says that since COVID has struck, that hubby Ronald has not really been there for them.

She is trying to apply for a Visa for Ronald that will carry through. Apparently due to Ronald’s criminal history, largely due to his gambling addiction, he was not eligible for a K-1, which caused Tiffany to have to apply for a CR-1 Visa for him. However, due to COVID-19 hitting, she has not really heard back from the government.

She told her lawyer that she should hear something back within 1-3 months, but the bigger question is, will Tiffany and Ronald’s relationship actually survive?

She says that he has not been emotionally, o financially supportive of her or the baby, yet when they were back in South Africa for a trip Ronald literally told her that he wanted his daughter to stay in South Africa and that he was the man and he had a say.

He also got mad at Tiffany because after his gambling rehab he basically wanted her to turn her finances over to him and she refused. She’s smart not to do that because the last thing you want to do to an addict is to give them temptation and if she turned over her finances to him that’s what it looks like she would be doing. Also, Ronald just gives off mean vibes and Tiffany doesn’t.

She strikes me as a very sweet person and definitely deserves better than what she says Ronald is giving her. Will this survive or will the federal government have the final say? Stay tuned!!!

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