’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Has Asuelu Pulaa Really Changed?

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers finds that that Kalani was going to drop on Asuelu, that her sister Kolini was coming to stay with them and her parents while she figured out a different living situation because her lease was up. The thing is, it’s been a week and Kalani literally only told him the day that Kolini was going to show up.

Asuelu seemed to take this well, but Kalani was not really buying it. Especially his tearful act toward the end, you could tell that she thought that this was just crocodile tears and even said that Asuelu had used similar techniques in the past for manipulation purposes.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Has Asuelu really changed?

This makes us all side-eye Asuelu a little bit more. Obviously, the person that would know Asuelu best is Kalani, she has had two children for him, by this time she knows the guy and if she gets the feeling that something is off, then something is off.

Besides that, he seems to be angling for something and we haven’t quite figured out what that means yet. The last interaction that Kolini had with Asuelu had him calling her a bitch and some other really awful names but now he claims he wants to sit down and have a ‘forgiveness’ dinner with her. Where I come from that’s called a platitude but maybe it translates differently in Samoan.

Kalani says that she doesn’t really know if Asuelu’s feelings are genuine and if he’s actually turned over a new leaf or not, or if he’s just playing with her emotions like he has so many times before in order to get something out of her.

I think Asuelu may think that they’re moving out just as Kolini is moving in and thinks that maybe Kolini moving in will make Kalani decide on which house to buy faster so that they can have their own space again.

It would stand to reason that he would start acting like he did when they first got together in order to get her on his side so that he could get what he wanted, and right now Asuelu wants a house… will his tactic work to get it? Stay tuned!!!

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