’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Angela Deem’s Psychic Reading Before Surgery

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that Angela Deem Illesanmi decided to call her psychic before she went into surgery to see if she had a good feeling about what was going to happen, and she said in her confessional that if she didn’t have a good feeling about it she would have told the driver to turn right around and forget even showing up to the doctor’s, apparently that’s how accurate her readings are.

It seemed Angela had nothing to worry about though because her psychic really came through for her on the good vibes.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: A psychic reading before surgery?

She said that Angela’s wish card had come through and that her wishes and dreams were going to come true. She also said that she saw a journey over water for her, and that a rough spot she had been going through was now past. That’s good, though very generalized.

Although, due to editing there’s a possibility that we didn’t see the entire reading, and that’s okay, there could be some things that were too personal for them to share on-screen. Though, I got a kick out of how her psychic wanted to know how she was doing later from her friend. I’m guessing she’d really miss those reading rates if Angela suddenly stopped being a client.

However getting ahold of Skyla, Angela’s daughter, and her grandkids was quite a different story. It seems that they weren’t picking up when Angela was trying desperately to call them repeatedly. Now it’s kicking in that something may happen to her and it’s not wrong for Angela to want some comfort from her family if anything happens to go wrong, however daughter Skyla and the rest of the kids don’t seem all that concerned about it.

So why isn’t Skyla answering the phone? It could possibly be a bad connection, or she could be asleep (there’s a 3 hour difference between California and Georgia though so I highly doubt it), the internet could be down (if she’s using an app like facebook or IG to call) or perhaps Skyla has left her phone somewhere – that does happen every now and again, especially when people have a lot of kids… and Skyla seems to.

But seriously, you think she’d keep the phone on her for ocassions like these. Let’s hope Angela gets to talk to her daughter before surgery. Stay tuned!!!

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