’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Will Angela Deem Be Okay?

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers finds that Angela Deem Illesanmi is having a hard time adjusting to the medical guidelines for her weight loss surgery. For 48 hours she was supposed to be on a liquid diet, she was also supposed to quit smoking. But on the day she arrived in LA she had her last cigarette. Uh-oh.

So she called the doctor and was asking her about the restrictions because they were really getting to her. She was honest with the doctor and said that she could only manage the liquid diet for 24 hours, not the full 48, but the doc told her that aside from the bit of breakfast that she said that she was done eating for awhile.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Angela wasn’t happy to hear that.

Then the doctor asked her a more pressing question and that was “Did you quit smoking?” and Angela said, “Yeah.” we all know that was a little white lie but she hadn’t had cigarettes sinc she arrived in LA so I’m assuming that this was 24 hours in. That’s when the doctor told her that if she had been smoking that she would run the risk of her wounds not closing after surgery.

Yike! While we don’t actually know much about Angela’s smoking habits (we do know that she smokes a lot but not how many packs a day, etc.) we do know that it’s an ever-present problem in her life and that it’s a habit that, so far, she has not seemed to be able to kick.

I think the doctor kind of suspected that Angela might have been lying because she told her she was in for complications. This does not bode well for hubby Michael who was already afraid that he might lose her to the weight loss surgery, not because she would get a hot body and leave him, but also because of complications.

He said that women in Nigeria are dying because of this kind of surgery so he is scared. Granted, there’s a different standard of care between the two countries, but the smoking thing is definitely scary if you think about it. Let’s hope for the best for Angela. Stay tuned!!!

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