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’90 Day Fiancé: Fernanda Flores Moved!


’90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life’ Spoilers indicate that Fernanda Flores decided that she had accomplished everything that she wanted to accomplish in Chicago, so she decided to take her trainer’s advice and move down to Miami, Florida instead of staying in the cold and snowy Chicago area.

The moment she got to Miami she said she needed to hit the beach because she was too pale. Bold of you to assume that beaches were open at the time of filming, Fernanda, but I’m guessing Chicago really didn’t have that problem to worry about.

’90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life’ Spoilers- Fernanda moved!

Her new roommate is a boxer from Germany, and according to Fernanda, he is hot. One of the first questions she asked him is if he was single and he answered that in the South Beach of Miami that all life is “Single Life” and that she would learn that.

You could clearly tell that those two were vibing. She also asked him if she could become a professional boxer, to which he only laughed. We all know that Fernanda is not seriously stepping into the ring anytime soon, she is a model with model friends and that will remain the same.

The good thing is about this move is that even though it’s tough being in a new city she’s not totally without friends, she says that she has friends through her agency in Miami, specifically Sierra and Maggie, so that’s good.

She says that she is all about her career right now and wants to experience the single life and she wants her new, cute roomie to just bring another girl home already so that she can stop thinking about him like that.

I laughed because literally no other girl except a model like Fernanda would have those kinds of problems. She did say that her outing with Sierra and Maggie helped her realize that she needed to focus on herself and not on getting into another relationship, she also doesn’t want to make things awkward between her and her new roommate, but will they end up being awkward anyway?

The way they exchanged that one, longing glance with each other clearly said that he wanted to date her. Will Fernanda’s willpower be stronger? Stay tuned!!!

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