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90 Day: The Single Life: Fernanda Flores Breaks Up With Boyfriend Robby

From 90 Day Fiancé, Fernanda Flores is showing her fans that she is ready to get back into the dating game, but on the most recent episode of 90 Day: The Single Life, we will see her breaking up with her boyfriend, Robby. This is not easy for her and we will get a chance to see it all happen on the discovery+ show.

90 Day: The Single Life: Fernanda’s Dates With Robby

Fernanda went through a pretty messy divorce when the pandemic began and she decided that dating again was something that she needed to do. Now that she is going on her third date with Robby, she has a lot of feelings that need to get out. In the spoilers, we see her with Robby.

Robby tells cameras, “There’s no doubt that there’s chemistry between us. Despite her fear and her concern with the way that we have been communicating with one another, that’s just something that her and I have to work on together. My goal in dating right now is finding my partner in life. And I think Fernanda, this relationship is projecting upwards and it’s great.”

As the couple sits down for their date, things just get bad immediately. He asks her what she’s been doing and how she is. She tells him, “What am I doing? I mean, it’s been weird in my life. How things are with COVID in Chicago now that winter is coming, I don’t know. I’ve been actually thinking I need a change. So I’m moving to Miami to, you know, explore other opportunities. I’m leaving this weekend.”

Robby seems to be very shocked by her response. He tells her, “Are you kidding me? Let’s backtrack for a second, ’cause you just said something I think it’s important that we talk about it.” She tells him that she wants to do new things and he replies to her, “Okay, Fernanda. I mean, come on. I want you to know that was a bomb that you just dropped so nonchalantly, like you were passing bread. And I don’t know what that means for us in the future, but I also know that I care about you.”

Fernanda tells camears, “After everything I’ve been through, I feel like Chicago is just too close to my past and my ex Jonathan and all that stuff. I just want to leave it behind. My agent told me that there’s going to be opportunities for me in Miami and since I’m not as interested anymore in Robby, I don’t have a reason to stay here.”

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