’90 Day Fiancé’: After Hair Mayo, Big Ed Brown Does Manscaping With Momma’s Help!

’90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life’ Spoilers finds that Big Ed Brown got a second date with a woman. I know, we’re all surprised too. Looks like he’s taking this really seriously too because Ed manscaped for this woman.

We’re not just talking trimming the beard and going to the barbershop for a little taken off the manbun. Nope, Big Ed Brown decided to forego his usual mayo beauty treatment and use a wall-paint roller to slather himself in nair. In fact, he even got his Mom in on the action by having her come help!

’90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life’ Spoilers- Ed’s manscaping: Too much too soon?

I don’t know whether to be touched or disgusted by this gesture. I’m sure a lot of us aren’t sure how to feel about this. But I tell you, it’s the paint roller for me. I’m not sure that Ed is aware but there are actual brushes that you can get at Bed Bath and Beyond for putting lotion on your back that would have worked, but I suppose it might not have had the desired effect Ed wanted.

His Mom didn’t understand why he was taking all the body hair off, because apparently she likes her men more ‘rugged’ and hasn’t quite caught onto the idea of manscaping yet. In her opinion this is still territory for the ladies only, but Ed is trying to prove that he is an englighted, ‘woke’, male and has decided that he’s going to embrace that Humpty Dumpty life and take advantage of his egg-like shape.

His Mom gave him some good advice though, she told him not to put the nair on anything below the belt. That’s some sage advice because we’ve all heard the nair horror stories and he did say right before he rinsed the stuff off that his back was on fire, so, yike!

His Mom also told him to be patient with his date, Liz. She thinks it’s moving too fast, and I’d say if Ed is manscaping by the second date in hopes that Liz is going to ‘see a lot more’ of him? Yeah, that’s a little too much too soon. It’s only the second date, buddy, slow down.

He kind of acts like since she’s been married before and already has kids that she’s ready to just jump on him, but that may not be the case. I’m glad cameras are going to be there, let’s hope that alcohol is not involved. Stay tuned!!!

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