’90 Days Bares All’ Spoilers: Big Ed Brown Can Play Music?

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’90 Days Bares All’ Spoilers indicate that Big Ed Brown showed off his talents (which we didn’t actually know he had), and that seems to include being able to play the piano. Interesting! Of all the things that he’s done online, and unless there was some IG lives that we missed, Ed has never exactly told anyone he could play the piano.

Thankfully, it was something he was actually good at and it didn’t end like a disappointing American Idol audition (although… watching that would have been kind of funny if you think about it) for a second I was afraid he was going to start singing. (I don’t know about you but I’m not ready for Big Ed to start belting out tunes.) He didn’t though, and just kept it to tickling the ivories.

’90 Days Bares All’ Spoilers: Big Ed can play music?

Of his song choice he said it was almost “send in the clowns” but that he added his own flair to the song at the end. (I couldn’t really tell but then again I wasn’t looking for it.) Ed said he had just started playing the piano around nine years ago, it started when he bought a piano for his Mom, but I guess it was one of those gifts that he got more use out of than his Mom did.

I guess sometimes that still happens, even as an adult. Ahem. Speaking of, could anyone have told Ed that maybe, just maybe, he needed to get his shirt tailored a bit better before going on TV? The shirt kind of… swallowed him. He needed a deep V. Though honestly I don’t really know what sort of look he was going for there, LIberace, maybe?

They hit Ed was a blast from the past, showcasing a clip from Before the 90 days that we hadn’t seen before, and that was of him taking pictures of ex-girlfriend Rosemarie Vega at the beach. He said in the clip he had been dying to do a photoshoot with Rose since he landed.

Poor Rose looked like she would have rather willingly dove into shark-infested waters to get away from him, you could tell she didn’t want to take pictures at all. She actually looked a little bit more at-ease doing the bikini pics but at the same time you could tell that it was just not her thing. Poor Rose, so glad that she’s moved on now.

Ed maintained that he really wanted her to be happy and that in spite of how it looks he’s never actually said anything negative about her online at all. He blames any negative comments she gets online that are allegedly him on other people posing as him, and Rose was surprisingly willing to talk to him.

However she was not having any bit of Ed’s attempt at smooth talk, he complimented her first thing and she just wasn’t having it past a bland ‘thank you’. She said that even though she’s moved on, she’s glad it happened anyway.

You could tell Ed wanted her to take him back, but Rose was in a much better, stronger place. She wasn’t moved by Ed’s emotions, and that can only be a good thing. Ed wasted what he had with her and I think he’s seeing that now.

Especially when she just kind of gave him a blank stare when he told her he had gotten snipped. He said it like it would affect her, and I think it bounced right off her and came back and bit him squarely on the butt like it should have. No one cares, Ed. Stay tuned!!!

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