Telemundo La Suerte de Loli Spoilers: Who’s her daddy?




Telemundo La suerte de Loli spoilers reveal that Telenovelas are full of coincidences. You know, those situations where basically everyone happens to be connected to everyone else without actually meeting, like in Dulce Ambicíon. Or, you might have to childhood friends suddenly reunited without realizing it, like in Cennet.

Or, one might happen to come to the same town where the mother who abandoned her lives in, like in La Doña. This show just gave us one that’s going to be rough on Dolores “Loli” Aguilar Balderas (Silvia Navarro). Let’s take a look at what happened and where we think this might go.

Telemundo La Suerte de Loli Spoilers: Mistaken identity

First, La suerte de Loli spoilers reveal Octavio Córdoba (Joaquín Ferreira) was mistakenly identified as the sperm donor who fathered Nicolás “Nicky” Torres (Diego Escalona). The trouble is, by the time they did a DNA test and found out he wasn’t the father, Octavio had already fallen for the kid.

So, he hid the truth from Loli as long as possible. In true TV fashion, she happened to come across the proof, and things have been tense between them. That has put Loli in a difficult position.

Telemundo La Suerte de Loli Spoilers: Hard choice

For now, she’s been trying to keep Octavio and Nicky apart as much as possible. Without, of course, telling Nicky the truth. She isn’t sure how to approach the topic.

So, she’s been keeping quiet while she wars with herself. Is it better to tell him now, or wait until he’s a little older and might be able to understand? That turned ironic in the latest episode.

See, Domingo Aguilar (Javier Díaz Dueñas) was recently introduced as her father. He’d abandoned her a long time ago and was lost in gambling addiction. However, he’s been trying to hide more than those couple or sneaky gambling trips.

It turns out, he knows he’s not Loli’s father. He’s afraid to tell her, though. He’d only learned the truth when Loli’s mom died, so it was already a bit late. Kind of like in Octavio’s case. However, he chose to run away. But do we know who the real daddy is? We think so.

Telemundo La Suerte de Loli Spoilers: Lies

Finally, there was Thursday night. La suerte de Loli spoilers reveal he and Nora “Norita” Torres (Rosa María Bianchi) talked more about the situation. He’d revealed Loli’s mom did a deathbed confession kind of deal. When Norita asked if he knew who the real father is, he said no. That’s a lie.

A flashback showed him overhearing her tell the real father about Loli. He’d even walked in the hospital room and confronted them about what he heard. Why isn’t he talking?

Could it be that Norita has a bit of a thing going on with Rogelio Varela (Roberto Escobar)? They haven’t struck us as being particularly cordial to each other, and there are reasons we think he might be Loli’s real dad, besides that.

Telemundo La Suerte de Loli Spoilers: More evidence

So, here’s why we think this. One, the vibes between them. Two, Loli has been like a daughter to him for a long time. In fact, he’s been very protective of her at Global Radio and puts a lot of faith in her.

It’s even caused friction with his son, Vicente Varela (Alejandro López). This feels like a bit more than Rogelio just admiring and respecting someone’s work. He seems almost personally protective of her.

Plus, it would be the ultimate gut punch for Vicente if he learned Loli’s his half-sister. Which, of course, would just heat up any competition between him and Global Radio as he attempts to start his own thing. Will this father/daughter bond be proven true? We’ll see.

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