‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Praying For Kody And Meri To Fix Things

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Robyn Brown has taken drastic steps to ensure that Meri Brown and Kody Brown do not break off their relationship.

‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Praying For Kody And Meri To Fix Things

So what were the measures in question? Well, it seems she has turned to the heavens in the hope of some divine intervention. In an interview with Us Weekly, Robyn stated how she believes the couple can patch things up, despite the odds. She said: “I believe that miracles can happen in relationships, and I think that you can fix anything that’s broken in relationships if you try hard enough.”

The disharmony has now affected all of Kody’s three remaining wives. It is no longer a case of a minor dispute that could be resolved behind closed doors. This is something much bigger. The problems with Meri threaten to derail the whole family unit. That is why Robyn is worried. She added: “I saw a significant change, and it was very, very difficult to watch. Kody was really struggling at that time, and he really had a hard time with it.”

And Robyn has been seeking some spiritual guidance as her relationship with Kody could also be in trouble as a consequence. Robyn has been encouraging Meri to resolve things. But as of yet, we are no closer to any resolution. She continued: “I’ve talked to her about, and I push her and like, ‘Hey, just stick it out [and] figure it out with him.

“I can only encourage support as much as they let me. This is their relationship that they need to manage. I just love them both, and I just want them to get it figured out.” Robyn is sincere in her efforts, but whether it will benefit the couple is anyone’s guess. We are all uncertain, which is why Robyn has left it all in God’s hands.

She noted: “I just hope and pray they can figure it out one way or another and heal their relationship. I pray every day that they can figure this out.” Let us hope that Kody and Meri can resolve their problems. This has been going for an age, and an amicable resolution must be at the top of their priorities, regardless of the consequences.

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