Shailene Woodley Tells Everyone How Sexy Aaron Rodgers Is In Instagram Video

It’s taken a few months, but NFL Quarterback Aaron Rodgers and actress Shailene Woodley have become comfortable enough to be showing off their love life to the public. The couple gave the public the first look into their relationship in an Instagram video posted by the 29-year-old actress while she was promoting Rodgers’ role as a guest host on ‘Jeopardy’.

In the video, she sits in the passenger seat while excitedly telling everyone about his guest appearance on the show while pointing out his new man bun and calling him “super sexy”.

Take a look at the clip by using the link below that was uploaded with the following caption,

“#ShaileneWoodley and #AaronRodgers want you to watch Jeopardy tonight! (via Instagram Stories)”

Watch the clip here.

Shailene Woodley Tells Everyone How Sexy Aaron Rodgers Is In Instagram Video

In the clip Woodley says,

“This guy right here is super sexy, super attractive … just shaved his neck this morning. Has a little man bun growing. This guy is hosting Jeopardy tonight!”

Following his hosting debut on the popular show, Rodgers also posted on Instagram and shared his first post with Woodley.

Fans and viewers have noted how different Rodgers seems to be with Woodley verse his ex, Danica Patrick and there may be some truth to that!

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