Selena: The Series spoilers — First impressions of the Part 2 trailer!

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Selena: The Series spoilers reveal Netflix released two new videos for Part two of the show. And, appropriately, they released them on what would have been the singers 50th birthday. Let’s take a look at the videos and when this will premiere. We’ll also talk about our mixed feelings on the show.

Selena: The Series spoilers: Mixed feelings

First, Selena: The Series spoilers reveal part one came out a little while back. We were somewhat torn, given the timing of the announcement. It almost felt like a rushed deal (or a purposefully timed announcement) to take attention away from El Secreto de Selena. Whether that’s true or not, we can’t say. But we definitely felt that vibe.

Even so, we were leaning toward checking it out. We’re huge fans, so as the movie quote goes, “Anything for Selenas”. Then, the reviews came out. Most of the people we saw talk about it had a negative view of the show, basically saying that the singer deserved much more than this. Some even hinted that the first season made Selena appear ungrateful. We’d have to check out the episodes ourselves to know, but this season might be a bit more interesting. Here’s why.

Selena: The Series spoilers: The trailer

Today, the official full promo for the show came out. We were glad to see it. Selena: The Series spoilers reveal the first one they released was just a performance clip that had none of the imagination of the original announced touting Christian Serratos as the late singer. The new promo, though? That got our interest.

The promo deals with the now-familiar story of Selena’s love story with Chris Pérez (Jesse Posey). This part of the show will detail the aftermath of their relationship coming to light, as well as the elopement that made him part of the family. It will also, of course, deal with her passing and begins with a reporter asking the singer how she’d want to be remembered. The “um” Serratos delivers, as well as the look on her face hint that the question might have disturbed the singer, but we do see an answer at the end of the clip.

Interestingly enough, they do hint at some drama and trouble in the ranks. Well, besides the drama over her secret romance with Chris. While the implications of the English album were overlooked in the film in the series, there’s slightly less excitement. At least, going by that clip. Selena expresses a bit of regret about her siblings and the rest of the band not being part of it, and she hasn’t been able to tell them. They also hint at discord in her marriage, which we remember being mostly denied before. It seems the second season will detail the strain all of Selena’s projects puts on the relationship, and has the singer admit she keeps adding to the list because, “What if it stops?” This shows a more human side to Selena that, until now, hasn’t been delved into as much. Check the clip out above to see what else you can expect.

Selena: The Series spoilers: The debut

As for a date, the second season will be out May 4th. To mark the occasion, the streaming service also added a behind the scenes video, while ET did a segment on the trailer and spoke a bit with the star and Selena’s sister, Suzette Quintanilla.

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