Is Britney Spears Actually Making All of Her Social Media Posts?

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If you’re in the camp that doesn’t think that Britney Spears is making all of her own social media posts, especially as of late, then you’re not the only one. Apparently it’s come to light that she has an entire social media team, but the one that seems to be in charge of her instagram, is one Cassie Pietre.

It has been stated in the past that Britney doesn’t even actually own a cell phone, and she is extremely limited as far as cell phones and internet goes by her conservators, so while she may be posting on instagram, she’s definitely not doing so from her own device. Britney has a flip phone for personal use, not a smart phone, and the reason why is, her conservators are afraid of what she would do if she had unlimited access to the internet.


If she is posting from her own device this would explain the potato lens that she constantly films on and why she says that her screen is malfunctioning. A flip phone wouldn’t be able to film things to today’s standards, and probably not even able to upload to instagram, so she probably films the post on her potato and has her social media ‘team’ upload it for her after she sends it to them.

I’m guessing that every post she makes is subject to some kind of approval, if it doesn’t meet a certain criteria, it doesn’t get posted. I would be interested to know what doesn’t get posted, if there’s such an approval process in place, and who’s ultimately calling the shots there. Cassie Pietre has to answer to someone.

She’s been making some posts recently that have alarmed people, including one of a woman holding a ‘skull baby’ dressed in Victorian clothing. Now, personally I think that this could be a perfume ad because there’s writing down the side of the picture that no one can tell what it is, but it doesn’t make it any less disturbing.

My first thought is that Britney had a miscarriage or something, but her caption for the photo is decidedly lighthearted and she doesn’t seem concerned about triggering any of her fans with this imagery so we’ll just assume for right now that this is a rather tasteless perfume ad. Who knows?

Her social media also seems to like and mention the same things that Cassie Pietre’s does, like, on Cassie Pietre’s personal twitter she posted a happy birthday shoutout to Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, later, Britney is seen dancing in one of her infamous IG dancing videos to an aerosmith song.

Granted, Britney and Cassie could just like the same bands, that could be pure coincidence, but the timing is a little suspect. There was also a picture posted recently of a red refridgerator, which some have interpreted to mean food.

Maybe Britney is hungry? Could be, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this could point to a bigger problem, perhaps an eating disorder, again this is just speculation, there’s no evidence of that, but it seems if you’re a female pop star, you’re bound to have some sort of eating disorder at some point and with as controlled as Britney’s life is, I wouldn’t doubt it.

Her most recent post at the time of this writing is a post about her favorite childhood book, the Princess and the Pea. It’s a lighthearted post, like most of hers are, but if Cassie Pietre somehow ends up posting the same thing on her own personal twitter feed? We’ll know something is up. Stay tuned!!!

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