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Chrissy Teigen Says Meghan Markle Is Truly Is The Nicest Duchess “Ever”!

Chrissy Teigen says that Meghan Markle truly is the nicest Duchess ever. As a matter of fact, the model went on the record to say that the former Hollywood actress is as “kind as everyone says.” Here’s what she has to say.

The supermodel opened up about her friendship with Meghan Markle while speaking to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. Apparently, the Duchess reached out to Chrissy after her tragic miscarriage late last year.

She told him, “She’s been so kind to me ever since we connected. She had written me about baby Jack and loss and she is really wonderful … and just as kind as everyone says she is.”

Chrissy Teigen Says Meghan Markle Truly Is The Nicest Duchess Ever

Chrissy told Andy Cohen that she has spoken to Markle since the Duchess’ revealing interview with Oprah Winfrey last month. Both Meghan and her husband Prince Harry seemingly threw the entire royal family under the bus when they suggested there was a racist royal behind closed doors at Buckingham Palace.

If that weren’t enough, Prince Harry also told Oprah that his father Prince Charles cut him off both financially and emotionally.

“… You look at everything and you’re like, “My God, what is actually wrong with people where they have to make this person [Markle] out to be so malicious or so crazy?’ when it’s just as simple as them being as kind as everybody says they are,” Teigen said. “So yeah she’s a really wonderful girl.”

If that weren’t enough, the former model said she found the interview “very eye-opening.”

“… It was like, ‘Holy s–t,’ this is big,” she added.

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