Chrissy Teigen Admits That She Posts More Photos Of Daughter Luna Than Son Miles

Chrissy Teigen has opened up about the reason why she often shares more photos of her daughter Luna than her son Miles. And it’s not because she loves one child more than the other or she thinks one is more photogenic than their sibling.

Instead, there’s another reason behind it. Chrissy shares her two children, Luna, 4, and Miles, 2, with her husband John Legend. Here’s what she has to say.

After celebrating Luna’s 5th birthday Wednesday, Chrissy Teigen shared a photo of the birthday girl in a purple tulle dress, on a scavenger hunt while on an island vacation with the family. She then went on to say why Miles is never in any of the photos.

Chrissy Teigen Admits That She Posts More Photos Of Daughter Luna Than Son Miles

“Scavenger hunt all through the island to get to ZOMBIESSSSS – her dream birthday!,” Teigen wrote next to the series of photos of her little girl. “Why do you post Luna so much more” you ask? Because Miles hates pictures and he’s always butt a** naked.”

Chrissy also shared a video of what it’s like trying to get a photo of her two-year-old son. In the video, Miles closes his eyes every time his mom tries to snap a pic.

“Here is what getting a picture of miles is like,” the mom of two shared.

Meanwhile, Chrissy also said that it’s really hard for her knowing that she will never be pregnant again. “Coming to terms with not being able to carry again is still really difficult for me because I feel so healthy. I’m like, why?” she shared with People Magazine. “But then I think about it as my uterus is just not cooperating with me — and it’s not a failure.”

Yet, Chrissy does say that she does feel lucky to have two children already and that she might not give up on having a third child yet, even if she does have to go down a more unconventional route.

“For me what’s really important is being able to make sure that everybody has access to those ways and making sure that people are able to make their dreams come true,” she said. “It would just be a beautiful thing.”

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