90 Day: The Single Life – Ed Brown Opens Up About His Mental Struggles & Therapy

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On 90 Day: The Single Life, Ed Brown has been sharing his new dating stories with viewers. Not only has he started to share about his love life, now he is ready to share more about his personal life and his mental health struggles.

We have heard from many cast members about their mental health and how therapy has really helped them to be better in life this year. Ed has started going to therapy too, and he is now in his fifth week of it.

90 Day: The Single Life: Ed Shares Therapy

Ed has started making some serious changes in his life now that he is single and looking. Now that he is in his fifth week with his therapist, he is ready to share a lot with his fans about his new lease on life. It takes a lot for someone to get into therapy and many people don’t think it is for them. Ed knew that he wanted to try to see a therapist and is grateful he took the plunge.

He told his fans, “Life is crazy and sometimes you need to look at getting therapy.” He has admitted that he is learning more about himself and that he is ready to be the best version that he knows how to be. He then told fans, “If you’re struggling with s**t, let it go man. It’s awesome!”

Of course, Ed’s fans love that he is sharing this with them and he is being open and honest about his struggles too. One fan wrote, “Good for you!! I’m a therapist and I believe in my work so much!! Thank you for sharing, you may inspire someone who needs it!” Another wrote to him, “Keep pushing, Ed. We’ve got your back!”

Ed has made a lot of other changes too. He has started working with a dating coach and a personal fitness trainer. He feels that he needs to get all parts of himself right and ready to be back in the dating scene again!

We have seen him lose quite a bit of weight and he is ready to win over the woman of his dreams. We are happy that he has been going on a few dates and hope that with this new mindset and weight lose, he can find the woman that he has been looking for. He has been seen dating a woman named Liz on 90 Day: The Single Life and they are getting closer.

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