’90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All’: Rebecca Parrott Reveals MYRIAD Plastic Surgeries, Julia Trubkina Tells Her To Stop Being ‘Lazy’ & ‘Work Out’!

’90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All’ Spoilers reveal that Rebecca Hakimi looked a bit different in the tell-all than she did on 90 day fiancé the series, the reason being is that she had had some work done. She said that she had gone and gotten ‘disport’ which is sort of like botox, and she had also indulged in some lip injections.

Natalie Youngquist also admitted that she had had lip injections in the past but that she wasn’t going to get them again because they made her lips too big. She complimented the final look on Rebecca though.

’90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All’ Spoilers- Rebecca talks about her plastic surgery

Apparently that isn’t the only work that Rebecca had done, she also had a mini tummy tuck and has lost weight. She really does look good, and that’s amazing for her. She said that when Zied saw her after her procedures that his opinion was “So sexy”, and he said that he “attacked her” afterwards so I think that’s testament to the fact that he really likes the way his wife looks.

Natalie piped up that she wanted to have a nose job, Rebecca said that she was beautiful the way she was and she didn’t need to do anything.

However Yara said that in 2021 there was nothing wrong with changing somethng about yourself if it would ultimately help your self-image. Yara said that she had a nose job, and she also had her lips done at one point, obviously this was back in the Ukraine because none of those journeys were covered on 90 day, but she had a different opinion on it than most people.

Julia missed the entire point of the question by implying that all of Rebecca’s problems could be resolved with exercise. There’s some low-key bodyshaming if I ever saw any (Julia, please come back and say this after you’ve had kids and hav developed a ‘Mom Bod’.)

She even went so far as to halfway bodyshame Zied when he said that he wanted to possibly get some work done by telling him to just go to the gym. Wow. Maybe Julia needs to be acquainted with the body positivity movement. Stay tuned!!!

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