’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Varya Malina and Mystery Man

There have been plenty of rumors about former 90 Day Fiancé cast member, Varya Malina and it seems like even more are getting thrown around. In a recent photo on Instagram, she posted a picture looking very beautiful, at a wedding, and holding a man’s hand.

The pictures also feature her in Colorado and wearing a wedding dress. The photographers posted the full set of photos on their website, but we still cannot see who’s hand she is holding. Many think it could be Geoffrey Paschel.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Fans Are Curious

Although many of Varya’s fans asked her if she was moving to Colorado, and she said, “maybe” a few times, some are concerned that she and Geoffrey may have tied the knot in Colorado while on vacation. Geoffrey was spending time in New Mexico as well and the states are very close to one another.

Could they have gotten hitched and now have photos to prove it? We are curious about the man in the photos too. Why can we not see his face?

The photo shoot took place in Windy Saddle Park, Colorado and Varya was dressed in a gorgeous wedding gown. In her posts, she talks about how much she love Denver and how she could see herself living here for good.

A lot of fans told her congrats on the wedding and one straight up asked, “I assume that you got married?” Varya replied to that fan with a shrugging emoji. Another asked the same question and she replied with a blushing emoji. What is she hiding?

In one of her photos, Varya wrote, “In Denver, emotions are completely different, I am happy, as if I returned home after a long absence. The only problem is that such transformations do not happen at the click of your fingers. This is a long process and the result of correct decisions by the state, business, and, of course, the people themselves who live there. The only way to live is to take chances. If not, monotony is the only thing you’ll ever know.”

We are happy to see Varya looking so beautiful and happy. We are very curious if she and Geoffrey did end up tying the knot and if they will be on another 90 Day Fiancé spin off. We will have to keep an eye on their Instagram accounts in order to see what happens next. No matter what, we wish them the best.

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