’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Is Varya Malina Still with Geoffrey Paschel?

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Fans of 90 Day Fiancé may remember Varya Malina and Geoffrey Paschel. The couple had a few issues and when Geoffrey came  to visit her in Russia, things just didn’t go as they both expected.

He proposed to her and she declined the ring, but when she thought on it more and more, she decided to up and fly to Tennessee to tell him how she really felt. We never found out what happened with the couple, but it seems that Varya may actually be in Tennessee now.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Instagram Birthday Post

Varya was very happy to share her birthday celebrations on her Instagram account. The Instagram account, 90 Day The Melanated Way shared her post and told fans to look really closely. She is holding a drink and it looks like she is at the Cheesecake Factory, which they do not have in her town, and fans immediately recognized that it is the Cheesecake Factory in Knoxville, where Geoffrey lives.

It is super clear now that Varya is in the United States. Many fans had theories that she had come back and that she was going to get started on her new job in Tennessee. She is ready to start focusing on her work on weddings and has shared a lot of information about this so far.

Some fans saw her post and chimed in saying, “This confirms she’s in Knoxville, Tennessee! I am so happy for them!” There are other fans of 90 Day Fiancé that said that they are completely losing interest in their storyline, but this has made them think that they are interesting again.

It seems that this love story has yet to end and with Varya now in the states, things are just getting better. One of her fans did ask her on another post if she could tell us why she was in the states and if she was with Geoffrey. She ended up telling that fan that she actually has an NDA still and has to keep everything under wraps for right now.

Does this mean that Varya and Geoffrey are still employed by TLC? Will they be on another TLC show that is coming up? Perhaps they are filming for one now and that is why they have been pretty quiet about it on social media. There are many theories here, but we will just have to wait and see what happens next for these two.

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