’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan’s Emotional Wedding Aftermath

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers tells us that Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan got married! We had our doubts about whether this couple would make it because Hazel wanted to try and bring a third party into their relationship.

Tarik tried to involve himself in the process and that’s when things almost went south for them, because he wasn’t taking into account what Hazel wanted and the fact that she has a type that is distinctly different than his type. She also didn’t like the fact that he was trying to talk to other women, when it should have been her, since the girl in question would only be for her.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Tarik and Hazel’s emotional wedding

In the end, with seven days to spare, Tarik decided to remove himself from the process, proposed to Hazel in one of the most romantic ways possible, then with a little craziness (like Hazel coming out to her extremely religious family) the ceremony finally took place. Tarik came with his best white suit with a blue bowtie, he looked good, as did Hazel.

Can we just talk about Hazel’s shoes for a minute? She had the cutest pair of periwinkle blue pumps! They were amazing, and she walked down the aisle in them like a pro, no stumbling for Hazel, thank God. (I was a bit worried when I saw just how high those heels were.)

Tarik helped Auri with her job as flower girl and walked down the aisle with her which was just the most adorable thing ever. He showed her how to throw the petals and even though she didn’t quite get how to do that it was still an excellent father daughter moment.

(You have to admit, Tarik is a really good Dad to Auri.) Hazel was worried for a second that her own family wasn’t going to be on video call for her wedding now that she had come out to them but fortunately they showed up, even her Mom who initially claimed not to accept her being bisexual.

When Tarik saw his bride for the first time, he got choked up and said she looked like an angel and that he had a hard time believing that he deserved her. It was so touching! Hazel said that Mike’s friend Angela was now her friend as well. How sweet!

At the end of the ceremony they did a thing where they jumped a broom to signify the beginning of their journey in life together and little Auri jumped with them. Apparently this was customary among slaves to signify that they were married because they weren’t legally allowed to during slavery times.

Afterward, Tarik gleefully exclaimed to his Mom that he was married now. As for the problem of adding a third party, Hazel has said that she thinks thatbin the future she doesn’t think that it will pose such a problem because they are married and “she’s the boss”, we hope that Tarik and Hazel’s reunion remains happy. Stay tuned!!!

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