The Best of Selena Quintanilla-Perez




Selena Quintanilla-Perez passed this day in 1995. However, her influence is as strong as ever. In the past couple of years, Telemundo’s El Secreto de Selena and Netflix’s Selena, the series introduced her story and music to a new generation. Not that she needed much help in being remembered.

The singer is consistently reacted to online by YouTubers, while some of today’s artists have spoken of how she influenced their careers. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites from the singer.

No Quiero Saber

This one has been on our positive energy rotation, and it’s definitely a song needed today. The title translates to, “I Don’t Want to Know.” Basically, the song calls for people to make tomorrow a day worth waiting for and how if we all love each other, the world would change.

She sings about not wanting to know about any more problems or war, something we’re sure everyone can relate to now. It’s a fun, peppy song that fits the positive message, and we love jamming to it.

Ya No

This one is a totally different sound. Appearing on her 1994 record, Amor Prohibido (Forbidden Love), this song talks about the end of a relationship. The song is a bit different than some of her big hits, in that it has a rock sound. We love it because her vocals are pure attitude, while the song’s instrumental offers some diversity to the record.

¿Qué Creías?

This song came from Selena Quintanilla-Perez’s second major label release, Entre a mi mundo (Come into my world). The title translates to, “What did you think?” and is another laced with not only attitude, but an emotion that cuts right to the core of the listener.

It’s basically a kiss-off song where she tells an unappreciative love she’s not sitting around waiting for him to return. The song talks about valuing what you bring to a relationship and not settling for someone who thinks they can come and go from your life if they get bored. Hmm. We can think of a character on another show that should hear this one.

I Could Fall in Love

This one is another favorite. It’s the first single off her final album, Dreaming of You. The dreamy pop melody shows a slightly different side to Selena’s vocals and it was the first song we heard from her. This song, as well as Captive Heart shows how she could’ve easily taken over the English market.

God’s Child (Baila Conmigo)

Finally, the one that stands out to us the most. This song also appeared on Dreaming of You and is an English/Spanish duet with singer David Byrne. T

his one is a bit more esoteric-sounding, as the lyrics speak of a girl dancing to a song she can’t hear as she’s led down a dangerous road. Meanwhile, Selena’s part speaks of the “song of the vampire, the glory of love.” The dramatic music and passionate vocals drew us to this one right away.

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