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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Stephanie Davison’s Logic Is Confusing

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers indicate that Stephanie Davison broke up with her fiance, Ryan Carr, in Belize after Ryan did the act of ‘stealthing’ which is basically saying that you’re using protection when you aren’t.

Stephanie said that she felt very betrayed by Ryan’s actions, and in the past weeks she has filed what looks to be a slap-suit against TLC alleging rape because she said that she did not consent to sex without protection and that’s what she’s equating Ryan’s actions to. If this were the UK, she might have a case because in those courts, there is actual legal action against stealthing.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Stephanie’s logic is confusing

However, in the United States, there isn’t. There was talk as recently as Jan 2021 about some legislature in California against it, but Stephanie is not a California resident, she’s a Michigan resident. No word on what the laws are in Belize but I’m willing to bet that stealthing isn’t really a thing there either.

What would make Stephanie’s case look bad in court though is that her relationship with Ryan wasn’t even cold in the ground yet when she called Harris, Ryan’s cousin, to come over and be with her. She said she needs a ‘good, solid friend’ right now but it’s clear to see that Harris wants something more from her.

Alleging rape is a really, really heavy allegation and the particulars of this situation is really tricky. While we’re not slut-shaming Stephanie for anything that she wants to do as long as she’s completely in control of her own consent, we’re just looking at this from a legal stand point, and it doesn’t really look like her case would even hold up in court.

However, on an emotional level, if Stephanie had felt that violated by Ryan’s actions, then why contact Harris? Why not just go home? She said she missed her cat, and I know she had an extra 3-4 days on her reservation, but her actions doesn’t make sense in the context of actual sexual assault.

Most women, after being sexually violated, do not want to interact with anyone of the male species, at all, for quite awhile. I’m not saying that grief or denial can’t be handled in a multitude of ways, but when reading up on actual cases of sexual assault, her actions do not make any sense whatsoever. It makes her look bad, and it also doesn’t help other survivors that have experienced sexual violence, we’ll be following where this goes. Stay tuned!!!

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