’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Crash and Burn: the Stephanie Davison and Ryan Carr/Harris Experience

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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that Stephanie Davidson just broke up with Belizian fiance Ryan Carr, for good. She even said she was cancelling the K-1 visa to get Ryan to the United States because she was “done done” with him.

After last week’s incident where Ryan lied to her about using protection when they were intimate, it’s clear to see that the only thing he was using her for was her ability to get him to the United States.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Crash and Burn: the Stephanie and Ryan experience

Ryan didn’t actually care about Stephanie’s wishes so he blatantly lied to her about using protection when she wanted him to, in spite of her being the one to provide the condoms, he just decided to pretend to put one on and act like Stephanie was the crazy one when she felt betrayed.

Stephanie was not in the wrong to request protection when being intimate. She is not in the wrong for wanting to protect herself from any potential diseases that Ryan, or any other man for that matter, may carry.

She is totally within her rights to ask for protection when being intimate. At that point she was footing the entire bill and basically being Ryan’s Sugar Mama, she even facilitated his entire job for him, so if she wanted protection then she had the right to ask for protection.

It wasn’t like she was asking him to introduce her as his fiance to the gaggle of women that he had been talking to, now that would have been excessive, but if Ryan were actually serious about any kind of relationship, he would want to introduce Stephanie to the gaggle of women he’d been seeing.

To be honest, it looks a little like Ryan is embarassed of Stephanie. Maybe it’s because of her age but honestly it seems more like he’s embarrassed by her clingy, pick-me girl energy. Again, I’d like to know what any of her previous relationships have been like.

As for Stephanie, I think she’ll land on her feet because she said that she missed her cat more than she missed Ryan. She also wasted no time in inviting Harris over to see her, I kind of wonder why she didn’t switch to Harris in the first place, because she and Ryan didn’t have all that great a chemistry anyway. Just an observation there. Stay tuned!!!

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