’90 Day Fiancé: Brandon Gibbs’ Mom Betty Clarifies the Julia Birth Control Issue

’90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All’ Spoilers tells us that when Julia Trubkina Gibb first came to the United States, you’ll remember that there was an entire conversation centered around birth control that future Mother-in-Law, Betty Gibb, tried to force.

She was well-intentioned, she knew that neither Brandon nor Julia wanted kids in the near future, so she offered to set Julia up with a doctor’s appointment with her own doctor in order to get her on birth control, which Julia blatantly refused. We could all kind of see Julia’s point because who wants their Mother-in-Law involved in their birth control decisions? I mean, that’s a little creepy.

’90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All’ Spoilers- Betty clears up the birth control issue

But surprisingly a lot of the cast seemed to be on Betty’s side, saying that since they were living in her house they had a right to dictate whether or not there were any kids running around or not. Okay, point.

Betty said that the only reason she even suggested it was because she knew that her own recommendation of Julia getting on birth control wouldn’t hold water, however, she wanted her to be informed and educated about birth control options if she wanted to pursue that. Good intentions, clearly, but… there needed to be some boundaries there, and there wasn’t.

Tarik brought up an interesting question, he asked if Julia had asked for Betty to make her an appointment and Julia said no she did not. Again, it would have been one thing if Julia had asked Betty to be that involved, but she literally didn’t.

Overstepping is clearly an issue here. Julia has some legit reasons for not wanting to be on birth control as well. She said her reasons for not wanting to be on birth control stemmed from a friend who had had a bad experience with it.

She didn’t specify what kind, but she did say she didn’t want birth control “inside her” because she said her friend had had that particular kind and it had ended up causing fertility issues to where her friend could literally not get pregnant. That would make any woman, especially a young woman, scared, especially if she wanted kids someday.

Julia said that no, she didn’t want kids right now but if it happened then it just happened and she wasn’t going to try and stop it. She went as far as to compare a new baby to a dog which made Jovi and Yara laugh because there literally is no comparison.

Brandon even said that, “You can’t let a baby outside by itself.” I think Julia is just thinking of all the clean-up involved, in just that sense I could see a comparison, but a baby is so much more than that. I think it’s clear to see that neither Julia nor Brandon will be ready for a baby for awhile. Stay tuned!!!

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