’90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All’ Spoilers: Julia Trubkina Forbids Brandon Gibbs To Go To Any Strip Clubs Ever!

’90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All’ Spoilers indicate that Julia Trubkina Gibb has explicitly demanded that hubby Brandon Gibb stay away from the strip clubs. In the brief break that they took in between the time in which Yara Dufren found out about the stripper incident with her hubby Jovi, we heard Julia go up to Brandon and ask if he believed Jovi when he said he didn’t have sex with the stripper, and Brandon was quick to say that he didn’t know, he’d never been in a strip club before.

That’s easy to believe, considering just how Brandon is and what kind of background he comes from. There’s no way Ron and Betty Gibb would accept their son back on the premises if he had even thought about going to a strip club.

’90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All’ Spoilers- Julia forbids Brandon to go to any strip clubs

Julia however, was quick to drive the point home, saying that if Brandon ever did that to her she would kill him. I don’t even fault Julia for this line of logic, if that did ever happen (which, let’s face it, it probably won’t), the way Brandon is and how weak willed her is, that could potentially pose a problem between the two.

Simply because Brandon is a guy who is open to suggestion, and if a girl started whispering in his ear, then he may be too nice to say no. Not only would he probably end up bilked out of all of his money by the end of the night, he might end up being talked into doing something with a stripper that he wouldn’t normally do.

Brandon, thankfully, has decided to remove all temptation and not even walk into a strip club. However, Julia was a go-go dancer in Russia, it looks like the type of establishment she worked for was decidedly different than your average american strip club.

She did say, “If it’s just dancing there’s no sex involved.” theoretically, that is true, but then Tarik educated the audience on what actually goes on in a gentleman’s club and what goes on during a private dance – I don’t think Julia was prepared for that answer, which is what prompted her comment about killing Brandon if that ever happened.

Poor Yara was just so done, when she went over to talk to Brandon and Julia (because Julia is really loud)  and Julia brought it up to her, Yara just had this total look of resignation on her face when she said, “I am so done with this topic.” she had previously said right before the break that she couldn’t even say anything, that all she could do was just “eat it and move on” but she felt like an idiot, like she had been duped.

I think Yara needs a hug, perhaps Julia sensed that and took her out with her and Brandon to further educate her on how to keep her man at home. We can only hope. Stay tuned!!!

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