New E! special talks Selena, Cristina Grimmie, Rebecca Shafer




Selena may be gone, but she’s not forgotten. And neither are two other famous women who met similar fates. Today marks 26 years since Selena Quintanilla-Perez passed away, and Chris Perez is speaking out. Let’s take a look at a new special featuring La Reina del Tex-Mex. We’ll also look at two other young artists whose lives and careers ended too soon.

Chris on Selena

So, E! network has had a show on for a long time called E! True Hollywood Story, where they speak on the sometimes dark side of fame. This new special, part of the recently-revived series, talked about her life and how it was cut short.

In a write-up on People’s website, Perez opened up about missing Selena over two decades later. He also gave some insight into the recording of her last album, Dreaming of You.

In the interview, he described a sense of duty for all involved to get back in the studio and make her English album dream a reality. You can check out the article linked above for more insight from the musician.

Rising star meets similar fate

The special also focused on Cristina Grimmie, a rising star who was also taken by a fan. In Grimmie’s case, it wasn’t too long after her run on The Voice and she’d just gotten off stage to do a meet and greet. In the special, her brother speaks about the artist, who got her start uploading cover videos on YouTube.

A clip on Yahoo!News previewed her section of the special, and interviewed several people who worked with the artist, as well as drawing a comparison to Selena in another way—both showed special gifts at a young age, and were both known from effortless emotion and strength in their vocals.

Her brother, Marcus Grimmie, spoke about how talented she was and how she was able to accomplish pretty much whatever she set her mind to, something that also is reminiscent of the Tejano singer.

It’s been well-documented Selena had a hard road getting anywhere as a teenage girl in a male-dominated genre. Keep an eye out for the special to see what other insights are offered about Grimmie and her rise to stardom.

Dark side to the spotlight

Finally, the special also delved into the life of Rebecca Shafer. The actress was on the 80s sitcom My Sister Sam, and had a promising career ahead. Unfortunately, she also fell victim to an obsessed fan.

In the article above, you can see a preview of how this changed an industry and inspired anti-stalking laws. Check out the preview article here to see more of this story and hear from her mother, Dana Shafer, as well as one of the prosecutors on their feelings about the case today.

As attractive as fame is, especially now, there’s definitely a dark side to it. These tragedies should remind us of the dangers of too much fame, as well as how important it is to enjoy the moment.

To see the special, keep an eye out for repeats on E!, or check the NBC website. The episode is currently listed on there, although it’s not yet available for viewing.

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