‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: The Strange Case of the Disappearing Heather Martin

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‘The Bachelor’ spoilers find we were all bewildered when season 23 (with Colton Underwood) alum Heather Martin turned up to Nemacolin Resort to shoot her shot with season 25 lead, Matt James so late in the game.

Of course, the lovely women of the bachelor mansion welcomed the late arrival with open arms and didn’t treat her at all like the mathlete who crashed the cheerleader’s sleepover.

Yes, that was sarcasm and yes, I am using high school analogies because that is exactly how the mean girl treatment of Heather seemed. No, I take that back, that is in insult to high schoolers. These women were just plain f$#%ing awful to Heather.

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: The Strange Case of the Disappearing Heather.

We all know things went pretty badly with Matt as well and Heather and her bitchin’ mini van were sent back home in the same evening.

But even stranger than the entire cameo, that required Heather to quarantine before turning up to be shot down so quickly, was her ‘appearance’ on The Women tell All special.

Eagle eyed fans spotted heather, her tell-tale platinum tresses easily identified from behind, but Heather was never addressed. The women were never taken to task about bullying her and the editors seemed to go to great pains to not show Heather’s face!

The WTA quickly became WTF.

It has plagued fans for a week as to why Heather was at the special, but edited out and while we still don’t have our answers, there are plenty of rumors circulating it is because she is currently in a relationship with the lead man himself, Matt!

While we are currently getting to the bottom of THAT speculation (watch this space), Heather did confirm that it was her at the Tell All , in a pretty hilarious way.

Shout out to Katie Thurston puking in the woods in the background of the shot!

So, while we still wait to hear WHY they did Heather so dirty, continue to watch Matt James wrap up his season of The Bachelor- Mondays at 8pmET on ABC!

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