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‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Taylor Nolan Officially Under Investigation by Department of Health

‘The Bachelor’ spoilers find that licensed mental health counselor, Taylor Nolan was all for cancel culture, until it came for her.

One of the more outspoken ex-Bachelor contestants calling for host Chris Harrison to be fired after the racial controversies of last season, Taylor was quickly silenced by her own racial past, resurfacing in the form of gross tweets.

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Taylor Nolan Officially Under Investigation by Department of Health

The Washington Department of Health almost immediately began receiving multiple complaints against Nolan and though they assured the public that the complaints were under assessment, a representative also warned that not all complaints led to cases being opened.

Unfortunately for Taylor, the reports filed against the 28 year-old have turned into an investigation and a case has now officially been opened. No specific timeline or outcome has been predicted by the Washington Department of Health, but consequences of her past hateful and racist tweets could range anywhere from disciplinary action through to Taylor losing her license.

Another Bachelor franchise alum, Jordan Kimball was the first to clap back at Taylor’s strong stance on cancelling Chris Harrison and exposed the tweets from a decade prior. While it sounds petty, seeing as Taylor was around 18 at the time, the tweets were truly horrific, insulting minority groups such as Jews, Asian Americans and Indians. She also used several homophobic and fatphobic slurs.

Call me a skeptic, but can someone really do a complete 180 and no longer feel that hate in their hearts, even if they are smart enough now to not write down their bigoted thoughts for the entire world to read? Presumably this is what the Department of Health investigation will look into.

For her part, Taylor apologized for the tweets but also blamed her prejudice against…pretty much everyone, on how she had been treated, growing up bi-racial in a white world.

Taylor pledges that she has grown from her past and sought therapy for herself, adding “I do believe that people deserve a chance to learn. I do believe people deserve chances to do better. We are all human. We’re all going to be ignorant in some capacity. And I think canceling people is not the way.” Hmm, that’s a huge shift from how she felt a day before her tweets were exposed.

I’m not sure your ‘emotional intelligence’ is going to get you out of this one, Taylor. What do you think? Should her license to practice mental health counselling be revoked? Let us know in the comments below if you would want Taylor as your therapist!

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