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Netflix: Murder Among the Mormons Relives Deadly 1985 Bombings In Salt Lake City!

For the true crime addicts, Netflix is bringing us yet another docuseries. This time around it’s all about Mormons and the bombings that occurred in Salt Lake City in the 80’s. There are three episodes in this series and it has been getting a lot of positive feedback since it began streaming on Netflix.

Netflix: What’s The Story?

These bombings happened in Salt Lake City happened in 1985. These bombings shocked the Mormon church and had many people thinking about why this happened and why did they want to threaten the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The show is directed by Jared Hess and Tyler Measom and both men have a lot in common with this topic because they were both raised in the Mormon church.

Netflix: Murder Among Mormons

This docuseries is a deep dive into the Mormon church and the bombings that killed two people who had some strong influences in the church’s history.

There were documents that were found and sold that could have some strong influence on the church and the past history of the church. Many think that the bomber was afraid of the truth getting out there and that is why they bombed the office and home of the victims.

The directors told viewers, “For a generation of those raised in the Mormon faith, ourselves included, the story of the 1985 bombing in Salt Lake City will forever be a part of the mythology of the culture.

It was a tragic and complex episode in Utah’s recent history, two innocent people lost their lives and countless others were deceived. However, most people in the community prefer not to talk about it.

The allure and infamy of the story– the bombings, the Salamander Letter, Mark Hofmann– seem more relevant today than ever and we wanted to be able to share this remarkable tale from the perspective of those who actually lived it.”

The Salamander Letter was found by Mark Hofmann and he decided that he would become a document expert. For some bizarre reasons, he continued to find more and  more Mormon documents that could tell the true stories of the church.

This was not something that the elders of the church wanted. Did finding these letters begin a string of events that left people dead?

This series takes a look at a very dark chapter in the lives of the Mormons involved and the church as a whole. It will show you the tests that these events put the LDS church through and the ending makes you really think about how things panned out.

Murder Among the Mormons is now streaming on Netflix.

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