Lifetime ‘Married at First Sight’ Spoilers Australia: Hayley Vernon Comes Out

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Lifetime ‘Married at First Sight’ Spoilers Australia find that viewers were shocked at the announcement that one of their favorites just made.

Hayley Vernon has come out as bisexual and fans of the hit show are shocked and some are thrilled! Vernon took the time to come out on social media to her followers and fans and we have the whole story for you here!

Lifetime ‘Married at First Sight’ Spoilers Australia: The Instagram Live Session

On March 21, Vernon made a public statement when she was recording an Instagram Live Q&A session. One of her followers was quick to ask her about her turn ons.

They wrote, “Are you turned on more by the women or men in your onlyfans videos?” Hayley surprised many of her followers when she said, “I’m bisexual.” Then she went on to tell her fans more about being on Married at First Sight.

She told her fans, “It was only after Married at First Sight that I was confident enough to explore my sexuality. I dated two girls post Married at First Sight but learnt they’re harder to handle than most men.”

Another fan asked her if she regretted her time on the show and she told them that it was “just another chapter in my book” and that she had no regrets about it at all.

She told her fans that there was so much good that came out of her being on the show and that was one of the things that she was thankful for in her life.

Hayley was in the seventh season of Married at First Sight Australia and she ended up being partnered with Dave Cannon. The couple was not the best pairing and in fact, some called them a disaster.

The experts ended up having to split the couple up and kick them off of the show. Their behavior together was toxic and fans of the show were shocked to see this actually happen.

Dave got pissed about some cheating allegations and he ended up cleaning the toilet with her toothbrush to get back at her!

On any Married at First Sight show, there are good matches and bad matches. Clearly, Hayley and Dave were not a good match, but it does seem that Hayley is doing pretty well for herself right now.

We are glad that she has been confident enough to come out as bisexual and we hope that she will find her love match soon enough.

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