Lady Gaga’s Dogs Safely Returned

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We can all breathe a sigh of relief. As of 6PM on Friday, Lady Gaga was reunited with her dogs, Koji and Gustav, who were dognapped on Wednesday night while their walker, Ryan Fischer, was shot in the arm. Gaga continues to praise him saying, “I will forever love you, Ryan Fischer.” because he was there trying to defend her dogs when they were taken.

He sounds like a super good guy who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. According to Fischer he was out walking Gaga’s three dogs, Koji, Gustav, and a third dog, Lady Asia, when he was approached by an assailant with a gun. He was shot, and they managed to make off with Koji and Gustav, but Lady Asia managed to escape.

Lady Gaga’s dogs safely returned

Gaga immediately set up an email for her pooches safe return and even set up a $500K reward for the returned of her dogs. She came under fire for that with a few fans, but seriously, speaking as a dog owner, if I had that kind of money I wouldn’t mind dropping that much cash to know that my dog would be safely returned to me.

It’s not said whether the person that dropped off the dogs at the police department will be receiving that award directly or what but Lady Gaga has said that she will pay the money, so provided the police have this woman’s identity, she just cashed in a pretty paycheck. (Who can blame her?)

How the woman found the dogs is unclear, and she seemed completely uninvolved in the robbery, according to police. So maybe she was just a good samaritan that saw the dogs locked in a car somewhere and decided to do the decent thing and break them out. Or maybe the thieves dropped them off at an animal shelter or vet clinic or something, and the woman worked there, that would make sense.

No matter how it happened, we’re all glad that Lady Gaga and her furry friends have now been reunited. Will there be a sad Gaga anthem about this? Probably not. Is Gaga’s mental health intact? At the very least her anxiety has been relieved. Stay tuned!!!

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