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Kylie Jenner Pees Her Pants!

So apparently Kylie Jenner filming drunken ‘get ready with mes’ is a thing? I did not know this. It was announced that Kylie Jenner is going to upload a get ready with me video to her youtube channel starring her and Kendall. In 2019 she filmed one with her sister Khloe Kardashian, and no doubt this is to celebrate her new liquor brand “818”.

So we already know what they’ll be drinking. However, we don’t know when exactly she’s going to upload the video. We do however have confirmation that it has been filmed, because Kylie posted a video of her, post-production, in tears laughing stating that she “peed her pants”.

Yup, that’s right, Kylie peed her pants laughing and she got it all on film. 

Some people would wonder why Kylie would get this on film because I’m sure there has been a time in all of our lives that we have totally peed our pants from laughing. However, if you know the Kardashian-Jenner clan you will know that a more appropriate question about why she’d keep the camera rolling while she’s soiling herself would be, “Why not?”

It seems that these guys roll out of the womb with a surprising knack for filming the most mundane things to make them more relatable/marketable and Kylie is no different. She trained under Momager Kris Jenner really well, it would seem.

A lot of fans are going off about this in a completely positive way. They want to see this drunken Get Ready With Me and can’t wait for the youtube premier. Personally, I didn’t even realize that Kylie had a youtube channel, I thought she saved all of her videos for her app, which is an app that charges monthly for people to watch her videos, however since there was so much backlash for her developing an app for that, I think that’s what may have prompted her move to youtube.

Either way, when the video drops, I have no doubt people are going to be entertained, I just hope that it doesn’t take 5 billion years for her to drop it. Social media is an instant platform, if she doesn’t drop the video soon, people are bound to forget the hype ever existed. Stay tuned!!!

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