Kendall Jenner Slammed For Throwing Massive Halloween Covid-19 Super-spreader Party With Kylie Jenner & Kim Kardashian

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Kendall Jenner threw a massive, 100 people party during a pandemic and got a good bit of social media backlash. Now, she had previously handed out fliers before the party stating that there was to be a no social media rule and while people could take pics and video, they could not post them to social media.

I’m not sure if this flier got lost in the mail, or if the people that were invited to Kendall’s party just literally didn’t care about her wishes. Among all of the celebrities invited were her own sisters, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian West.

As Yoda might say: “The not caring factor is strong in this one.”

So it looks like Kendall’s own sisters decided to take Kendall’s wishes with a grain of salt, along with every other celebrity there, celebrities which included the now infamous Jaden Smith and his COVID costume, Doja Cat, Travis Scott, Justin and Haley Beiber, Winnie Harlow, and Sahweetie.

Apparently, they did take some sort of precautions even without masks because all of the guests had to have a rapid virus test before coming into the party with a negative result. There was a video of a masked waiter dodging a maskless Kendall Jenner who was blowing out candles on a cake, obviously trying to dodge any droplets that might be in the air.

One commenter posted “The fact that celebrities have access to rapid testing while the rest of us have lost jobs and can’t see our families is infuriating.” preach it!

Another commenter said that Kendall should have dressed up as Marie Atoinette because the vibe of this whole party was very “Let them eat cake” which, is not wrong at all. There were other comments like “Eat the rich” that makes one wonder if one of these days Kendall’s going to get mobbed, post-pandemic from her social media following simply because she and other celebs like her have ticked off so many of us civillians with having parties right in the middle of this pandemic.

There were also comments saying that her entire family was garbage, etc. Yike! So far, Kendall has not responded to the backlash at all, but she clearly was not following the health department’s guidelines for having a halloween party.

The guidelines stated that people could hold Halloween parties with up to 2 other households, but only outside and everyone had to wear face coverings at all times and stay 6 feet apart. This did not happen at the halloween party that Kendall threw. So people have a right to be upset. Do better, Kendall. Stay tuned!!!

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