Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Throwbacks To A Time He Had Internal Bleeding In The Ring Thanks To Ken Shamrock

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson had a great throwback photo throwing it back to his WWE days, battling one of the greats, Ken Shamrock aka The World’s Most Dangerous Man. He had a match with Shamrock where he had such a hard impact that damaged blood vessels in his lungs, causing blood to come out of his mouth.

He recounted the entire event in a #throwbackthursday with the following caption, where he goes into detail about what happened and how proud he is for earning everything he has,

“Not the most elegant or sexy #throwbackthursday 🤣back when I had a lil’ internal bleeding (not planned) while wrestling @UFC Hall Of Famer, @kenshamrockofficial aka “The World’s Most Dangerous Man”.

I loved wrestling Kenny around the world and we had some classic matches.

On this night I took a hard suplex and the impact damaged blood vessels in my lungs causing the blood to come up.

Kept composed, made sure I could breath and continued with the match.

I’d like to think Ken would’ve shown me some compassion, but his facial expression says “f*ck your bleeding lungs” as he tries to rip my ankle from my tibia

These were good days and this was how I proudly made my bones.

As always, “thank you for house”, brother 👊🏾🥃”

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Throwbacks To A Time He Had Internal Bleeding In The Ring Thanks To Ken Shamrock

What a crazy time in WWE, historical really. However, in the meantime, Johnson has been talking about the big news of the month, ‘Black Adam’ will begin shooting in less than three weeks now and just cast James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate!

We look forward to finally seeing ‘Black Adam’ and thank you Johnson for showing us these photos with some interesting stories. It’s cool that he remembers where he came from and remembers his iconic wrestling days!

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