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British Royal Family News: How Much Were Meghan And Harry Paid For Their Interview?

British Royal Family News: How Much Were Meghan And Harry Paid For Their Interview?

British Royal Family News reveals that’s a question that’s probably floating around in everyone’s heads about the big Oprah interview that aired on CBS on March 7th, 2021. Apparently, CBS paid between $7 and $9 million to Oprah’s production company, Harpo, for the interview.

However, Harry and Meghan themselves did not make any money from the interview, and no donations to their charity were made on Oprah’s behalf either. So it looks like this was just a tea-time with friends sponsored by CBS.

British Royal Family News: How much were Meghan and Harry paid for their interview?

I think it was a good move on their part, because if they had been paid any amount for the interview then everyone would have had something to say about it and they would have been instantly discredited as ‘money hungry royals’, a rumor that started the second that Harry and Meghan moved to the glitz and glamour of California, from the commonwealth of Canada.

People have said a lot of things pertaining to how Meghan and Harry just ‘quit’ the royal family because they wanted money, but this interview proves that that really isn’t true. If they had wanted money they could have demanded that Harpo split the profit from CBS with them, however they didn’t.

Harry and Meghan now have a production company named after their son, Archwell, and they do streaming podcasts to make money. Now, if anyone is familiar with how much streamers make, it can vary. However, Harry says that he’s just interested in making enough so that he can keep the security around for his family.

He also said that last year, at the start of the pandemic he had to figure out something because the royal family cut him off financially and the only reason he was able to move around at all was due to a sum of money that his mother had left him.

It was said in the interview, that Diana probably saw this break coming and that was why she set money aside for her children at such a time. I’m glad that Diana’s forethought saved Harry and Meghan a lifetime of being dragged through the British press, she would not have wanted that for her son, even if she wouldn’t have wanted him to leave England, had she lived.

There was also an interesting bit of information last night that said the Palace hosts these tabloids… so, one has to take a good long, hard look at where all this bad press is actually coming from, don’t we? Stay tuned!!!

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