Brad Pitt’s Mental Health In A Bad Way Following Angelina Jolie’s Domestic Violence Claims

Brad Pitt’s mental health has taken a turn for the worse after his ex, Angelina Jolie, had claimed that she was a victim of domestic violence during their time together. 

Brad Pitt’s Mental Health In A Bad Way Following Angelina Jolie’s Domestic Violence Claims

The court documents showed that Angelina could start a full-blown case should she have enough evidence. They stated: “If Angelina has more documentation to prove domestic violence towards her or the children, she can submit it as a supplemental offer to prove in trial.” This would be the last thing that Brad needs, given that he is merely demanding equal access to his kids.

The parties have been unable to come to an agreement that would allow joint custody. Naturally, the turmoil of it all has gotten to Brad. A source revealed: “This process had taken a toll on Brad, and he has taken accountability for his role in the breakdown of the marriage. The kids have endured so much trauma, and this is just piling it on, but it’s out of Brad’s control. The time for compromise is over.”

Brad, for his part, has denied the allegations that he had been violent towards her or the children. Angelina, however, had claimed that her children had evidence to show that Brad was not telling the truth. So how did the Hollywood star view it all that? As could be expected, he had an explanation. Brad believed the children were being used as a tool for Angelina’s demands. 

The source added: “[Brad believes Angelina is] weaponizing their children in a last-ditch effort to gain a favourable outcome that will allow her to move the kids out of Los Angeles at her whim, without Brad’s approval or knowledge.” Things had changed dramatically since they got married in 2016. The honeymoon period was over rather quickly as they split after only two years together.

And yet, the divorce process has continued to drag on ever since, with their children being used by both sides. The divorce will, no doubt, involve vast sums of money, given that child maintenance may become an issue. With neither side budging, we will have to see how this one will play out. 

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