’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Was TLC Supposed To Rubberize Ryan Carr For Stephanie Davison?

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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers indicate that Stephanie Davidson sueing TLC for damages because of ex-fiancé Ryan Carr’s acting of ‘stealthing’ (making her believe that he was using a condom during sex when he actually wasn’t), she has now been banned from the tell-all.

(Again with the tell-alls I thought they weren’t going to have those anymore, can someone please clear up my confusion on that? Thank you.) Whlie I’m kind of disappointed because Stephanie won’t be at the tell-all and we won’t get to hear all the sordid tales about what actually happened between her and Ryan and if she’s with Harris and if they’re planning on adopting a bunch of siblings for her cat at home, at the same time I can kind of see TLC’s decision.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: What could TLC have possibly done?

Stephanie’s argument was that TLC producers could have done sometihng to force Ryan to wear a condom, but keep in mind, this is TLC, not a small-time producer at Pornhub, they’re not going to shout into a megaphone, “Hey Ryan, no glove, no love!” or forcibly tackle him to the ground and put one on him.

Stephanie is acting like they actually have footage of them in the room doing it, chances are they didn’t know that Stephanie and Ryan were actually in the process of the act until Stephanie told them. From what I can see, TLC Producers don’t stand by and watch while cast members get it on. They leave when the door is shut, or at least that’s what we’ve been led to believe.

Stephanie is under the impression that she has the same type of contract as Jenna Jameson and that producers can step in and actually protect her by forcing her partner to use protection when that is not the case.

If she were maybe paying more attention and maybe hadn’t turned off the lights before initiating things, then perhaps she would have seen what Ryan was doing. I do agree that she was deeply hurt and betrayed by what Ryan did, but putting the responsibility on anyone else’s shoulders exept for hers and Ryan’s is a little ludicrous, and any judge is probably going to see that.

“Stealthing” is only against the law in the UK, not in the US, certainly not in Michigan, and they’re only looking to make it a law in California. So unless they pass the law in California and Stephanie’s willing to move out there and become a resident and then sue retroactively? This slapsuit is going nowhere and the ban at TLC still stands. Yike. Stay tuned!!!

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