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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: The Moment of Truth For Tarik Myers!

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan finally talked to their ex-girlfriend, Minty. Hazel originally didn’t want to talk with Minty at all because of past issues that they had had together.

Namely, because Hazel doesn’t like the amount of attention that Tarik pays to Minty as opposed to her. She said when Tarik sees Minty, it’s clear that he thinks she’s beautiful and perhaps Hazel doesn’t feel that way when Tarik looks at her.

90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: The moment of truth for Tarik

When Minty got on the zoom call with them, Tarik’s reaction was really over the top, and he was sitting across from the woman that he was supposed to be with. Even if you are looking for a third party, if you look that way at an ex, that’s not cool.

Tarik was trying to ask Minty for tips on finding a girl to add to their relationship, but Minty said that the only real help she could offer them was for them to talk it through about the things that they want in a third party. That’s perfectly valid.

I think Tarik wanted her to take charge and actually make a “plan” for thme to follow, or for Hazel to magically get over her beef with Minty and to invite her in. Hazel was not shy about her dislike of Hazel, even to her face. She said when Tarik told Minty that he was basically forbidden from dating Thai women now because Hazel didn’t like them.

Hazel was quick to put all the blame squarely on Minty’s shoulders, when asked by Minty why they couldn’t date Thai women, she basically told her it was all to do with their past with her. Minty was offended.

The two women did everything but fight, Minty wondered aloud why Tarik was not dating her. and that’s when the claws came out. Tarik finally ended things by saying that he didn’t think the session they had had was productive at all.

Hazel asked an excellent question though, did he really want to find a girlfriend for her or did he just want to find an excuse to talk to Minty? Minty said in her confessional that she didn’t think that Hazel and Tarik would have a happily ever after and we just kind of wonder if that will be the case at this point.

I think Tarik does care about Hazel, but his eyes really don’t light up like they did with Minty. That’s a little worrisome. Stay tuned!!!

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