’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Stephanie Davison & Ryan/Harris Fiasco Aftermath In Belize

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that Stephanie Davidson said some interesting things about her Belizean fiance Ryan Carr. First off, she said that she wanted him to propose with her Mother’s ring, the same ring that her Dad gave her Mom. While that’s incredibly sweet, I don’t know how Ryan feels about that.

He hasn’t expressed a desire one way or the other about what way he wants to propose. The only thing we have heard from Ryan is that he has a plan to come to America and it is just ‘so sweeet’. He has not said anything to Stephanie about how he wants to propose.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Unofficial fiance?

Stephanie also let it slip that while Ryan is her fiance that he has not officiall proposed yet. What I’m wondering is how on earth that actually works! Do you like, keep the ring on you and just in case the guy gets down on one knee you whip the ring out of your pocket and tell him to fill in the blanks or what?

Also, does Ryan actually know that Stephanie considers him her fiance or is this something she’s going to have to tell him once she gets to Belize? How does that actually work?

Stephanie says that she feels this might be the trip that Ryan proposes but I’m wondering if he’s actually aware that she wants him to ask her to marry him at all. Is Ryan even aware that he’s in a relationship? I mean, I know he’s aware that he’s been with Stephanie physically but is he aware of just how seriously she’s taking this?

Or is this one of those things where a girl literally chases down a guy until he decides “oh what the hell?” and marries her just for funsies? I mean, I have to wonder. Stephanie says that he’s the first man she’s ever wanted to marry and while that is sweet… I honestly don’t think that Ryan feels the same way about her.

In fact I’m pretty sure that marriage really has not crossed Ryan’s mind at all. I mean, maybe it has but I think he’s mostly just concerned about getting to the US and spending all the money he can get his hands on and buying new watches.

He says he doesn’t want anything and what makes him happy is working for himself but what he doesn’t realize is that that’s an illusion in itself because Stephanie is actually paying his wages! I sincerely hope Ryan knows exactly what he’s signed on for. Stay tuned!!!

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