‘90 Day Fiancé’: Andrew Kenton Says He’ll Beat Down David Toborowsky’s “Ninja Turtle Penguin Batman A** B***h”!

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‘90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers find that Andrew has really earned his villain title this season with the way he has treated ex-fiancé, Amira Lollysa, and then with all of his claims on social media that the is just a sweet an innocent teddy bear while Amira is a fame-hungry mastermind.

But things have gone too far now, as one of Andrew’s many, many, many Instagram videoes of his Q&A with fans has surfaced revealing a physical threat from Andrew on the 90 Day franchisé’s much-loved David Toborowsky.

It’s clear to see who the stars have sided with, despite Andrews very loud and plentiful claims of being given a bad edit. Not known to shy away from giving their opinions on social media, many 90 Day alums have dropped positive and uplifting comments on Amira’s Instagram.

‘90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Andrew Kenton’s Threats Against David Toborowsky Captured on Video.

Amongst Amira’s supporters are popular couple Annie Suwan and David, who sent Amira a shout out on Cameo.

Annie and David are wildly popular on Cameo, said to have made nearly 200K by selling their privatized messages. Once such requested video by a 90 Day fan on behalf of Amira saw the Scottsdale based couple leave a sweet message for the French native to help buoy her spirits after being detained in Mexico.

In the video David also addressed Andrew, saying, “sometimes people make bad decisions, Andrew, and I know that as well, as I’ve made some bad decisions.”

Apparently Andrew took great offense to this. David claims Andrew threatened him in a bid to  “make himself relevant.” The 52-year-old added that Andrew had tried to “pick a fight” with him. David went on to say in a Facebook comment that Andrew is “in love with himself” and “treats women as objects.”

A recording of Andrew’s Instagram stories corroborated David’s claim. When Andrew was asked by an IG fan, “If u could do an MMA fight with anyone from 90df universe, who and why?” Andrew replied that he was “down” for a fight because, “a couple of them talk s**t about me.”

He then posed and answered his own question, “Who’s been talking s**t about me? The one that looks like a Ninja Turtle Penguin Batman a** b***h, I’ll beat him down.”

Of course the Ninja Turtle/Penguin comment stemmed from an episode when the Antonio Ticer, the brother of Nikki  Cooper who is the wife of David’s ATM, I mean best friend, Chris Thieneman also tried to start a fight with David.

David knows all too well the edit skills of TLC. Portrayed as a penniless moocher through his season of 90 Day Fiancé, David turned his image around completely as fans got to see his playful and loving relationship with wife Annie on 90 Day spin-offs like Pillow Talk.

If only Andrew had waited, he may have had his opportunity to change our minds about him by proving himself. The only proof we have right now is that the 32-year-old has called out a 52-year-old, overweight ESL teacher to join him in the MMA ring.

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