‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: What did Lydia Plath Say To Ethan?

‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers reveal that Lydia said something interesting after Ethan bid her and the rest of the siblings goodbye. She said that she felt like Ethan was sacrificing the time that he could be spending with her with Olivia and in a way that was tough for her but in a way she kind of admired it? Okay, well, that’s really mature of her, but what exactly did she mean by that?

Maybe that’s something that you have to have an older brother to understand, I was an only child so I must admit that there are some things that I will never know about when it comes to sibling bonds. But that statement sounded a little strange.

‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: What did Lydia mean?

In quiverfull families it’s not uncommon for one of the siblings to sort of take over parental duties for certain things, and I’m not sure if maybe that’s what she meant? Or maybe there’s some kind of brother/sister bonding activity that she was looking forward to doing with Ethan when she got older.

Maybe she wanted Ethan to be the one to teach her how to drive, that seems like an Ethan-oriented activity, since he’s kind of car-obsessed, maybe they had talked about it before, she didn’t really seem to elaborate on what the time he was sacrificing would mean, but for now we’ll assume it was something like that.

It’s sad though because out of all the siblings, Lydia really did want to spend time with him and now she’s not going to get to for at least two years. Knowing Kim and Barry, by that time she will be out of the house, married, and probably well on her way to leading the quiverfull life even though Kim did tell her that it was okay not to take their path – though we all know that it’s implied that she do just that or else.

For now, Lydia says that she admires Ethan for doing what he did, but sometimes there can be residual resentment, especially if one doesn’t allow oneself to grieve over what they feel they were robbed of. I hope that Lydia allows herself to feel all of her emotions, not just the happy ones, because it’s okay to be sad and angry too, you don’t have to go through life accepting everything for the greater good. I hope Lydia knows that. Stay tuned!!!

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