‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Moriah Plath Sings!

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers tells that on the last episode of ‘Welcome to Plathville’, we finally got to hear Moriah Plath do what she’s most famous for, and sing! She’s been wanting to do music for forever and while we’ve heard previews of her voice before on select episodes and even a couple of times on her instagram account, she hasn’t really sat down and sang an entire song – she previously said that it was because her music was ‘too personal’ and I can certainly see that.

She also said, of the song that she was singing that she wrote it at a time when she was feeling really emotionally weak, she was still living at the farm at that time and in a really bad place, so she wrote the song in order to feel better.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Moriah sings!

You could tell she was emotional when she performed. There were definite influences of her ‘old life’, the song she was singing wouldn’t have been too out of place among the more spiritual among us, judging from just the lyrics that we heard in the studio.

After all, the good book teaches all kinds of lessons about being able to take the good with the bad, phrases such ‘count it all joy’ came to mind when she was singing. She said of the song that she was in a completely different place in her life when she wrote it, and you can kind of tell that.

I think the Moriah we see now is definitely edgier than the subject matter of the song that she wrote back then, but that didn’t make it any less enjoyable – Moriah has a good voice.

She says that nothing feels better than to take control of her own life and I think we can all kind of relate to that. Being able to be independent and to make one’s own decisions without fear of judgment is a good feeling.

Releasing music is an art, and all artists want to be supported, in a way I wish that the rest of Moriah’s family would allow themselves to be supportive of her budding music career but I can’t help but think that if they knew about it, they would just bring her down.

So maybe it’s good that Kim and Barry don’t know, I just wish that the little girls and her younger siblings were allowed to celebrate this milestone with her. Maybe one day. Stay tuned!!!

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