‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Elizabeth Vargas Praises Zac Clark For Being Open On His Alcohol Abuse

‘The Bachelorette’ spoilers tell us that Elizabeth Vargas has praised Zac Clark for being so honest about his past alcohol abuse. This would make sense given that Elizabeth had previously had a similar problem too. 

‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Elizabeth Vargas Praises Zac Clark For Being Open On His Alcohol Abuse

During an interview with Us Weekly, Elizabeth said: “He was very honest and open about how far he went to score drugs, painkillers when he was addicted to them. It made a lot of news. Now, here he is, this handsome, smart, amazing man who’s engaged and just was on this big show and won. 

“He’s also working deep into the recovery field. It’s important that people see that people can recover from addiction and go on to lead extraordinary lives because then I think people will be less apt to write those who struggle off, which we still do all too commonly.”

And yet, who could forget Zac’s problems given that he was so open on his substance abuse ranging from drink to drugs. During an interview with the Heart of the Matter podcast, he said“It was in between the time I had gotten married and going to treatment for the first time. I’d had a brain tumour a couple [of] years earlier. That’s when I started really experimenting with the painkillers. And they remained around and, in my life, and then eventually, I got hooked in there at some point.

But what about Elizabeth? How has she fared since she came clean on her own drinking problems? Well, she has made it her mission to continue telling her story and aiding those who are going through similar troubles. And by all accounts, she is dedicated to that cause. She added:

“I think just the ability to actually do something to help others [is rewarding]. I’ve never felt so lonely as I did back when I was struggling with alcohol. It’s a very lonely, dark place and anything that I can do to help people get through that because there is light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.” It is good to see Zac and Elizabeth both being sober. Maybe Zac will take a leaf out of her book and dedicate his life to helping others who have experienced similar problems.

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