‘Bachelor Nation’ Spoilers: What Does Tayshia Adams Think

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‘Bachelor Nation’ spoilers find that the newest Bachelorette contestant, Tayshia Adams had been very active on social media lately. As one of the few Black cast members in Bachelor Nation, she is having a tough time with the news about Chris Harrison and his tone-deaf remarks about racism and culture.

Now that he has stepped down for an undetermined time, many Bachelor Nation cast members are speaking out about him. Tayshia took some time on her podcast, Click Bait and opened up about Harrison.

‘Bachelor Nation’ Spoilers: Adams Addressed His Apology

Harrison was able to give a public apology online and Adams wanted to address that first. She said, “A few things stuck out. It hit my heart a little bit more to know that he, like, actually meant what he was saying. By excusing historical racism, I defended it.

The fact that he called out and owned up to that and he acknowledged that means a lot to me. It isn’t just a moment. Just like how Black Lives Matter isn’t just a trending topic on Instagram. It’s a thing that’s taking place every single day that we should actively try to partake in and better.”

‘Bachelor Nation’ Spoilers: What Does Tayshia Adams Think

Adams said that Harrison made the right move by stepping down and she thinks that this will help people to look at the situation and perhaps give him a second chance, but she is only speaking for herself.

“Look, people make mistakes. Granted, this one was… it’s full of arrogance and it affected a lot of people. But this is the thing: I feel like we have to allow people to prove us wrong and prove themselves. Zac used to be an addict, and he’s done a lot of wrong in a time that I never even knew him. And he needed somebody to give him a second chance in order to prove himself that he wasn’t going to lie anymore, that he wasn’t going to do drugs anymore, that he wasn’t going to do all the things that he used to do. And with that, he made an insanely different path for himself and now is helping a lot of people because of that second chance.”

She continued, “Something that I’ve always been taught is just, like, treat people the way you want to be treated. If I f****d up really bad, like, I would want somebody to give me the second chance to prove myself. I’m not excusing any wrong that anyone has done. There is a lot of hurt behind, you know, his actions and Rachel’s actions and all of the above. So, we got our apologies. I appreciate it. Let’s just see what comes from them.”

We will keep an eye on what Harrison says next about the situation and we are happy that Adams has spoken out about the scandal.

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