Aaron Rodger’s Friends Allegedly Shocked By Shailene Woodley Hookup, Ex Danica Patrick Shocked Even More!

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Friends of Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers were just as surprised as the rest of us after he announced he was engaged during his NFL MVP award acceptance speech last weekend.

A friend of Rodgers told People Magazine that as far as friends and family were concerned, Shailene was a rebound from his previous 3 year relationship with NASCAR driver, Danica Patrick. In fact, 37- year old Rodgers went as far as to tell his crew that the romance with the 29-year-old Big Little Lies star was just a casual thing.

The source then went on to say ‘I mean, it really felt like one day he was with Danica, and then suddenly he was with Shailene. It happened super fast,’

Aaron Rodger’s friends shocked, they thought Shailene Woodley was a rebound. Danica Patrick Shocked even more, she thought Shailene Woodley was a friend.

Faster than the 2008 Indy Japan 300 (that Danica won), you might say?

That’s where reports are coming in that Aaron and Danica may hove not been completely over before Aaron and Shailene began. And worse, it wasn’t a random meeting that drew the now enfiancéd couple together.

Shailene and Danica were friends, and some say Shailene was gunning for the introduction to Danica’s live in boyfriend from the start.

Shady Shailene stole Danica’s boyfriend.

While we don’t know if Shailene is the ultimate mastermind and maneuvered her way in between Aaron and Danica, or whether it was a little more happenstance, we do know that Shailene was, if not a good friend with Danica, then a major admirer.

Shailene has liked many of Danica’s Instagram posts:

Shailene even posted photos of herself with the caption DED after completing one of Danica’s online workout classes.

The two would comment directly to each other in posts, as well.

Not the case anymore!

Until someone speaks out (we’re waiting, Danica), we won’t know 100% for sure on the timeline of when relationships started and ended but we can say that the girl code was definitely violated here- everyone knows you aren’t meant to hook up with a friend’s ex- especially if it has been …well, by the looks of things…30 minutes since they called it quits.

It does, however seem like Rodgers and Woodley were meant to be as their ‘casual romance’ turned very serious, very quickly.

As they say, “when you know, you know”.  One thing we know- Danica will NOT be at the wedding!

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