’90 Day Fiancé ’ Spoilers: Stephanie Davison is looking for a good solid fff…riend?

’90 Day Fiancé ’ spoilers find that Stephanie showed her true colors in the last episode of the TLC mega hit. And it was glorious.

In a melt down to make any 2 year old in a grocery store stop and watch in awe, 52-year-old Stephanie chased her young lover away before ransacking her own hotel room then calling both her other lover and her psychic.

’90 Day Fiancé ’ Spoilers: Yep- it was pretty much television gold.

It all started when Stephanie and Ryan Carr had a blow up, knock down fight about Ryan not using the condoms Stephanie brought when visiting her Belize born lover. So far, she has a very good point- she wanted Ryan to use a condom, Ryan agreed to, but Stephanie soon figured out that he lied. Upset, she explained to Ryan she fears he could pass on STDs from all the other women he is sleeping with.

Like I said, she has a point, but counterpoint: why are you planning on marrying this man who you have ZERO trust in? Ryan has repeated, many times, that he hasn’t cheated on his sugar-mama, but…well…let’s say, I’m glad I’m not the one engaged to him.

’90 Day Fiancé ’ Spoilers: Stephanie Davison is looking for a good solid fff…riend?

Ryan stormed out on Stephanie, leaving her in her hotel room to continue to rant and rave and search frantically for the engagement ring that she had brought to Belize for Ryan to use when he proposed to her.

Yep, you read that right.

Her frantic search was so wild that some fans aren’t buy that it was her grandmother’s ring she was looking for.

After finding the drugs, er, ring Stephanie decides a minute and a half has been enough time to morn what she had thought was a relationship leading to marriage and calls up ole reliable Harris; Ryan’s cousin and Stephanie’s regular revenge sex partner.

After the pair agree to meet up the following day, Stephanie sits alone in her hotel room and laments, “Now that ryan is gone and I’m sitting here by myself I need a good solid fff…riend right now.”

She said she invited Harris over as she needs to see his face. My suspicion was she didn’t want to pay for her suitcase being overweight if she has to haul all the glow-in-the-dark condoms back to Michigan with her.

Next call is Stephanie’s pal and psychic Maria Shaw. The woman must be legit because she knew Stephanie was going to call in the middle of the night, answering the video call in full, camera ready make-up.

After Stephanie unloads all her issues about Ryan on Maria, who really, should have seen them coming (I mean, the entire 90 Day audience did) she asks for some psychic advice about Harris.

While ‘clairvoyant’ Maria actually gives some sound guidance, warning Stephanie to, unequivocally, stay away from both Ryan and Harris, Stephanie must have been listening to the voices in her head. She tells the camera in the confessional seconds later that Maria told her there were a lot of good signs with Harris.

Ahhh, say what? Boy oh boy does TLC know how to deliver and keep audiences watching.

We’ll be right here waiting for next Sunday, watching TLC at 8pm ET to see the infamous Harris- will you?

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